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SATURDAY 10.02.24

Rachel Hazell Book Launch and Talk: Today’s Changing Room – 1–1.30pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

Join Rachel Hazell aka The Travelling Bookbinder for the launch of her new book, Today’s Changing Room. Recording year round swims in the Hebridean waters round Iona, this illustrated talk introduces the idea that every rock is a hook to hang clothes on. Get your book signed, and talk with Rachel about her island home and the benefits of cold water immersion


Frances Day, Fevered Imagination: Bringing artist books to life online. – 1.45–2.15pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

Fevered Imagination is a not-for-profit enterprise run by artist Frances Day that invites book artists to present themselves and their work engagingly to the world. Fevered Imagination introduces a new way to exhibit and sell artists books in an online gallery. This talk will discuss the benefits to artists and collectors.


Futures Past Coalition: How artists make decisions – 2.30–3pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

The Futures Past Coalition (FPC) is an artist-led collaboration between Linda Cassels, Sue Hare, and Lyndon Watkinson. Their latest publication, How Artists Make Decisions, is an exploration of their own creative processes and is part of an ongoing project. At the talk they will present what they have discovered, including their approach to the development of a publication through co-authorship.


Barrie Tullett, Four-Second Fairy Stories – 3.15–3.45pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

A series of familiar tales, turned into unfamiliar puzzles… The 1960s saw a variety of text experiments, both in prose and poetry. This series of Minimalist Stories was inspired in part by the writing experiments of OuLiPo, the One Word poems of poets such as JW Curry, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and Stuart Mills. The tales here are not stories as such, but distillations of Fairy Stories, and the narratives only reveal themselves by suggestion and familiarity.


Jane Hyslop, The Oak Tree: a tribute to eternity – 4–4.30pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

Jane Hyslop’s new artist’s book, The Oak Tree: a tribute to eternity is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando. The artist will be joined by Professor Bryony Randall, University of Glasgow, with whom she collaborated to write the introduction to the book and accompanying notes.


SUNDAY 11.02.24

Edinburgh University Press, Dreaming Difference with David Williams – 2–2.30pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

Acclaimed photographic artist David Williams talks about creating his book Dreaming Difference for the Scottish Photographic Artists series. He talks about the development of his practice between music and photography, his abiding interest in non-duality and why his work has been described as ‘moods gathered together in albums.’


Alan Mason, The Magazine – 2.45–3.15pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

Alan Mason talks about collaborating with photographer David Williams on the latest part of his long-form novel ‘The Magazine’ – a book of mirrors and doubles in which life in Occupied Paris finds an echo in Hollywood in the struggle by Laurel and Hardy to win back their fans and their reputations.


Scott Robertson: Fifthsyllable – 3.30–4pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

Fifthsyllable is a small press releasing artists books and editions. It also has a bimonthly (every two months) single sheet publication called A3/4 released in small numbers by a different artist each time. Run by artist Scott Robertson it releases work when he can find the time and money to do so.


Elizabeth McLean: Fruitmarket’s publishing programme – 4.15–4.45pm. Free. Click here to book via Eventbrite

It is the 50th anniversary of Fruitmarket this year and books have always been at the heart of our programme. At Artists’ Bookmarket 2024 Deputy Director, Elizabeth McLean will discuss the work she does with artists and writers, and she’ll talk about how the book form has endured over her 20 years of bookselling, designing and managing Fruitmarket’s publishing programme.


SATURDAY 10.02.24

Carrai Samson: Japanese Bookbinding Workshop – 11.45am–1.15pm. £15. Click here to book via Eventbrite

In this 90-minute workshop you will make two books using a selection of Japanese Papers – a hardback Japanese Album and a softcover Japanese Flutterbook. At the end of the session, you will be given printed instructions and some papers to enable you to make further books at home. Ages 12+.


Concrete Nature: Collage and Artist’s Books – 1.45–3.15pm. £15. Click here to book via Eventbrite

During this workshop, you will create your own artist’s book exploring the topic of slow living using the technique of collage, a simple one sheet pamphlet template, and a selection of materials – including risograph test prints, newspaper cutting, paper offcuts, stencils, and pens and pencils. Ages 18+.


Jack Ravi: Scrolls of Memory: Crafting a Spool Book from Found Treasures – 3.45–5.45pm. £20. Click here to book via Eventbrite

Join Jack Ravi for an immersive workshop unearthing past stories and memories. In this session, you’ll discover the art of binding found papers and photos onto a wooden bobbin. As you unwind this enchanting object, with its vintage look and feel, you are invited to explore and reveal its hidden stories, each one waiting to be discovered. Ages 12+.


SUNDAY 11.02.24

Amy Sterly: Collage & Folded Pocket Books – 11.45am–1.45pm. £20. Click here to book via Eventbrite

Make your own little pocketbook! We will be using folding techniques to create a small book with pockets to put your own images or stand-up characters in using collage with the materials provided. Ages 12+.


Jessica Crisp: Eco-Print on Paper ­– 2.30–3.30pm. £10. Click here to book via Eventbrite

In this workshop you will make one or two Eco-printed 8-page pamphlets using plant dyes and a natural printing technique. You will learn about commonly found dye plants and discover the colours they can create on recycled papers. We will layer paper and plant material, then soak the bundles in an iron rich solution made from rusty nails, followed by a steaming process where the iron and the tannins in the plant material will react to leave beautifully intricate botanical impressions on the paper. Ages 12+.

Book Works Artist’s Surgeries

Artist’s Surgeries with Book Works, the leading contemporary arts organisation with a unique role as makers and publishers of books.

Saturday 10.02.24 at 11am and 12pm. Sunday 11.02.24 at 11am and 12pm. Free.

Book Works is a leading contemporary arts organisation with a unique role as makers and publishers of books. Dedicated to commissioning and supporting new work by emerging artists, we work with contemporary artists, writers and practitioners to nurture new projects in the form of publishing, exhibitions and events. We have four spaces for artist surgeries over the weekend of the Fruitmarket Artists’ Bookmarket 2024, the Fruitmarket’s annual celebration of artists’ book culture. Each 30-45 minute surgery is an opportunity to discuss a nascent contemporary publishing project and its potential developments in the inspiring environment of Fruitmarket’s Artists’ Bookmarket.

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