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Our staff are currently working remotely and you can contact them via email here

The Fruitmarket Gallery has been a key part of Edinburgh’s cultural landscape since 1974. Currently closed for redevelopment, we are getting ready to OPEN OUT as soon as we can – with more space for art; a new space for cross artform collaborations; better facilities for all; and a new learning studio.

We were due to open in summer 2020, but the coronavirus crisis seriously challenged both the timing and finances of the project. We still need to raise funds to ensure that we will be able to bring the Fruitmarket and its programmes back to all our audiences as soon as possible. Be part if our future by making a donation through our GIFT REGISTRY, select the virtual gift you’d like to give us – whether a pair of coat hooks for our brand new learning studios; a shelf for displaying hand-picked titles in our ever popular Bookshop; redesigned non-gendered and accessible toilets; or even a newly commissioned public artwork created in and for our revived building.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller
Night Walk for Edinburgh

You are now able to download one of the biggest hits of last year’s Edinburgh International Festival –  Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s Night Walk for Edinburgh on your own device.  The experience is reimagined for our times, remaining in line with social distancing regulations, whilst enabling you to immerse yourself in the surreal world of Cardiff and Miller. 

Following Janet Cardiff’s voice and walking in her footsteps, as you participate in Night Walk for Edinburgh you will be led through the backstreets of Edinburgh’s Old Town, unravelling a disjointed tale – part game-playing, part surrealistic poetry, perhaps even a murder mystery – layered with history, invention and memories. One of the biggest hits of last year’s Edinburgh International Festival, Cardiff and Miller’s Night Walk for Edinburgh is now a permanent part of The Fruitmarket Gallery’s collection. Commissioned for the city of Edinburgh by The Fruitmarket Gallery.