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Fresh Fruit
Programme for young people


Fresh Fruit aims to empower young people aged 18-30 to co-produce their own distinct projects, exhibitions, workshops and events at Fruitmarket. We support young people to gain access and insight into our programme.

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Youth Arts Takeover


Youth Arts Takeover (2023) supported young creatives to develop and deliver multi artform workshops including visual art, dance and music as well as presenting a week of youth arts events and an exhibition in the Fruitmarket Warehouse in April 2023.  

This kind of hands-on experience is essential for building creative skills, as it allows individuals to hone their craft and develop their own artistic voice. 

One aspect of the project that stood out as particularly successful was the strong sense of community and engagement that was fostered among the participants. The young people involved in the project showed an impressive level of interest and enthusiasm for the arts, and were eager to learn and experiment with new techniques and materials. This engagement not only made the project more rewarding for the participants themselves, but also highlighted the importance of youth arts programmes in nurturing the next generation of artists and creative thinkers. 

Khadea Santi 


Youth Trainees


Fruitmarket have delivered Youth Traineeships for 18 – 25 year olds since 2018, offering vital paid opportunities for skills development and routes into employment in the creative sector. Fruitmarket trainees work alongside professional artists and young people to co-produce projects and are involved in all aspects of delivery including workshop planning, delivering workshops, presentation/showcase/ exhibitions and evaluation.

One of our previous Youth Trainees, Bea Makan, travelled to Oslo in September 2022 to take part in the International Teaching Artists Collaborative Conference (ITAC6). The theme was ‘Art as a catalyst for change’ and we supported Bea to co-deliver a trauma-informed creative workshop to international practitioners. Bea was asked to join the ITAC, Young and Emerging Leaders Forum and will be representing Scotland at this year’s ITAC7 Conference in Auckland, New Zealand.

Celebrate Art


Celebrate Art was a co-production project working with young people aged 16 – 25 with lived experience of mental health issues, ADHD, Anxiety, Asperger’s or Autism. Weekly creative activities enabled participants to explore a range of artistic mediums and themes related to Fruitmarket exhibitions. The project provided progression routes for long-term engagement with art that enabled the development of personal and professional skills and supported participants’ health and wellbeing.  

Celebrate Art, Stupid Outside Resource, 2022, is a creative wellbeing and self-care toolkit for young people.  

Download the Celebrate Art, Stupid Outside Resource here


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