The Wonder Studio

Our ambitious two-year programme in partnership with the Starcatchers started this week

We had our first session for The Wonder Studio our ambitious two-year programme delivered by us in partnership with Starcatchers. Visual artist Katy Wilson and performance artist Kerry Cleland will be working with children aged 3–5 from Greengables nursery in Craigmillar.

In the first year they will work on two projects which will lead to celebration events at Lyra in the local community, and at the Fruitmarket. In the second year Katy and Kerry will develop the programme into public sessions for 0–5 year olds at the Fruitmarket. The project includes specialist early years and Froebelian training for artists, nursery and Fruitmarket staff. Froebel’s believed that play is the highest expression of human development in childhood and that is vital to learn through nature.

Katy and Kerry were inspired by Karla Black exhibition and her use of paper, chalk and powder and obviously the inquisitive children were straight over to get involved.

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