Our thanks to everyone who made the new Fruitmarket possible

Public Funders
Creative Scotland
Scottish Government

Building Foundation Philanthropists.
James and Morag Anderson
Nick and Kate Thomas
Nicky Wilson
Manuela and Iwan Wirth

Building Major Donors.
Binks Trust
Garfield Weston Foundation
The Wolfson Foundation

Building Champions.
Johnny Bute and Stichting West Coast Foundation
Martin Creed and Hauser & Wirth
The Foyle Foundation
Charles and Ruth Plowden

Building Benefactors.
Elizabeth Cowling

Building Patrons.
Martin Adam and William Zachs
The Architectural Heritage Fund
Adam Fowler and Corinne Cervetti
Catherine Muirden and Werner Keschner
Judy Riley
A legacy gift from Julie Woods

Building Donors.
Robin and Nan Arnott
Sophie Crichton Stuart
Sarah and Gerard Griffin
Catherine Holden
Stephen and Sigrid Kirk
Peter and Susie Stevenson
The Weatherall Foundation

Founding Gallery Benefactors.
White Cube
Gallery Patrons.
Frith Street Gallery
Luhring Augustine
The Modern Institute
And all those who wish to remain anonymous.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who selected a virtual gift for us from our Fruitmarket Gift Registry.

Your generosity helped us to get the building made.

Illuminated Fruitmarket sign.
Manuela and Iwan Wirth

Three new Fruitmarket banners on Market Street.
Adam Fowler and Corinne Cervetti

Warehouse wooden shutters.
Judy Riley
Stephen and Sigrid Kirk

Fruitmarket gallery stairs.
Bina and Philippe von Stauffenberg
Jo and Pippa Burgon
Richard and Sara Kimberlin

Warehouse ramp.
Joe Woods

Lighting in our exhibition galleries.
Sarah Elson

A double sink for the Studio.
Catherine Holden

An accessible toilet.
Melanie Reid

Fire exit doors.
Barry Rosen
Sophie Crichton Stuart

New toilets.
Iain McFadden

Bookshelves in the Fruitmarket Bookshop.
In memory of Armida Maria Taylor

Office desks and chairs for the Fruitmarket team.
A leaving gift to Amandine Butticaz from the Fruitmarket team.
Chris and Rosemary Mitchell
Corinne Cervetti

Café tables.
Juan Cruz

Studio tables.
Marcelle Joseph

David and Clare Revolta
Kate Bell
Tio Burnett Ainsworth

Square metres of wood block flooring for the Fruitmarket Warehouse.
Elisabeth Scheder-Bieschin and Stephen Coates
Fiona Bradley
Jyll Bradley

Library chairs.
Alice Smith
Alison East, in memory of my granny, Bessie Ross of Alness
Helen Hawken
N.T. Smith

Café chairs.
For Linda Pugh
Mrs Janet Morrison
Stephen Coates and Elisabeth Scheder-Bieschin

Toilet doors.
Iain McFadden
Ken and Liz Hare

Taps for our new toilets.
Sandy and Mary Anderson

Studio chairs.
Arlo Kent
David Hubbard and Gerrie van Noord
Ed Krčma
Eris Pascall
Lara Ellis
Melissa E. Feldman

Materials for our Art in a Bag resource.
Andrew Swift
Jenni Lomax OBE
Miss Evelyn McClure Smith
Valerie Brown

Illuminated fire exit signs.
Christy Ralph
Imogene Deery
James Brook
Morag Balfour
Peter Hodgkiss

Lights in our public spaces.
Catherine Muirden and Werner Keschner
Lesley Taylor

Square metres of reconditioned Gallery floor.
Andrew Huntbatch
Benjamin Jones
Christine Borland
Denise Thorn
Gareth Wynne Fitzpatrick
John Wall and Mary Younie
Nick Barley
Stacy Boldrick and Abby and Alex Williams
Stuart and Amanda Bennett

Toilet door handles and locks.
Andrew Swift
Charlotte Higgins and Matthew Fox
Fiona MacDonald
Frances Bell
Jane Hamilton
Rosie Rush
Sally Cross
The Blaquière Family

Bricks for the Fruitmarket Warehouse.
Andrew R. Hill and Erika Sella
Angus and Ailish Bird
Armida G L Taylor
Beth Bate
Claire Stevens
Claire Sylvester
David and Charlotte Emma Snellgrove
Eric-Michael Hoenig
For Glen McBeth and Tracy Morgan
Hamish and Hannah Wigglesworth
Katherine Mendelsohn
Kirsten Williamson
Kristin Leith
Louise Hopkins
Marion O’Neill and Denis Bonner
Scott Crawford Morrison
Sinéad Dorothy Yeats Bracken
Tam Zimet and Scott Mitchell
The Gladwin Family
The Howard Family
Theo Keschner
Will, Wendy and Bella Burt

Fire escape steps.
Alastair Kilpatrick
Anne and Michael Gannon
Calum Rennie
Clare Hollowell
Jan Dickson
Jeremy and Tanja,
FW 87
Maggie Rempe
Nigel and Jan Barker
The Stapleton Family

Toilet roll holders.
Kat Kjellström Corbet
Marion Archibald
Morgan Barley
Ross and Faye Anderson
Stephen and Margaret Livingstone
The Hudson Craufurds
The institute for l!ghter living!TM
The Speed family and their ongoing fascination with toilet rolls. For a live feed from the toilet roll in their house please visit:

Coat hooks for the Studio.
Aileen Wilson
Amy Steindl
Annetta Latham
Charlotte Higgins and Matthew Fox
Elaine Kilpatrick
Erin O’Hare
Harriet Whitson
Jeremy and Tanja,
FW 87
Jillian Read
Jimmy Lindqvist
Lee Miller
Lorna Macdonald
Mhairi MacDonald-Greig
Mo Healy and Barney Healy-Smith
Prof Brian Robertson Rachael Gray
Shelagh Young
The Rodger Family

Light switches.
Aileen Wilson
Ali Smith
Caroline and Morris Kilpatrick
For Iain + Sandra Ballantine
Gordon Rogers
Gratis Quo
K Gannon
Nazli Tabatabai- Khatambakhsh
Prune Engérant

General donations and Covid-19 Recovery Fund.
Amelia Melvin David and Emma Verey
Eric Laurier
Ian Rankin
Kyle Taylor
Pieter Blue
Rocío Chillida Bergareche
Taru Jones

Big Give Christmas Challenge Donors.
Alasdair Morton
Catherine Holden
Catherine Muirden and Werner Keschner
Charlotte Mitchell Dorothy and John Steyn
Iain Duckworth
Ian McKee
Jacqueline Donachie
Janet Craig
Jennifer Harding-Edgar
Joanne Watt
Leslie Wilson
Matthew Garstang
Melanie Reid

National Lottery Heritage Fund
Nick Thomas
Peter and Susie Stevenson
Richard Scothorne
Robin and Nan Arnott
Ruth Rattenbury
Sonja Goodlad
Sylvia Johnson
Tio Burnett Ainsworth
Vincent Mason

And all those who wish to remain anonymous.


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