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Reel-to-reel: Double Bill

Fri 10 Aug, 6.30–10.30pm. Free. Certificate 15. Bar open. Book via Eventbrite 

Prompted by Tacita Dean’s Foley Artist (1996), we screen two films in which the creation and recording of sound are central to the narrative. Join us for one or both.

6.30pm: The Conversation (dir. Francis Ford Coppola, 1974). 113 mins.

This psychological thriller follows a surveillance expert as he taps into private conversations, becoming increasingly paranoid about the ambiguity of one particular exchange he overhears. Starring Gene Hackman.
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9pm: Berberian Sound Studio (dir. Peter Strickland, 2012). 94 mins.

Exploring the darker side of foley art, this is a horror film at one remove, its protagonist producing the sound effects for violent scenes we never see. Delve deep into the analogue mechanics of the film form. Starring Toby Jones.
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