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What Price Poetry? Pip Thornton and Nick-e Melville

Tue 18 Feb, 6.30–8pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite
At Bookmarket, top level Waverley Mall, 3/1 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1BQ

An evening untangling the value of language, and its cost. We read the results of Thornton’s work {poem}.py (2017),a poem receipt printer which uses the same calculations from Google’s word stockmarket as her Bookmarket installation Arcadia. Poet Nick-e Melville applies processes of erasure and recontextualisation to reveal political machinations working under the surface of the communications that surround and target us.

Artist Pip Thornton’s Arcadia (2020) has been made specially for The Fruitmarket Gallery’s pop-up space in Waverley Mall, using LED screens hung in the bookshop’s windows to display text that will be seen in the communal mall space below. The text is from Walter Benjamin’s Arcades project. Each word appears along with a price which is allocated from Google’s advertising platform. Arcadia invites us to consider the processes that generate monetary value around us, in both physical and virtual marketplaces. Arcadia is on display at Bookmarket until 29 March 2020.

Photo: Chris Scott

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Writers’ Shift: Janette Ayachi, Callie Gardner, Jane Goldman, Iain Morrison, Tom Pow

Wed 20 Nov, 6.30–8pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite
@Bookmarket: a pop up bookshop and events space on top of Waverley Mall, access the space through Williams and Johnson Coffee Co. 

In this year of change for the Fruitmarket, a five-a-side team of poets is tracking our movements. Tonight for Book Week Scotland, we’re sharing their new writing as it curves through the past, present and future life of The Fruitmarket Gallery.

About Writers’ Shift

Writers’ Shift starts from the image of The Fruitmarket Gallery poised at the point of launching off out of our existing, built situation into the free association that moments of redevelopment and reorganisation bring. With nearly forty years of archived past recently gathered and made more accessible, and with
a year’s breathing space available before we re-enter the future programme at Market Street, there is the opportunity to invite a written engagement with the organisation at a juncture.

We have invited poets Janette Ayachi, Callie Gardner, Jane Goldman, Iain Morrison and Tom Pow, all of whom have a history of engagement with us, to work together and with Fruitmarket staff on a guided process of writing to record our year of change; reflect on our achievements to this point; and extrapolate directions that we might take in our renewed premises.

Image: Interior view of the former fruit warehouse and nightclub looking east. Photo: Chris Scott


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Open Book Workshops

Wed 6 Nov, 10.30am–12pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite 
At Bookmarket, Waverley Mall

Read and discuss passages of fiction and poetry then try your hand at creative writing in response. These sessions will be led by the poet
JL Williams.

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Open Book Workshop

Wed 2 Oct, 10.30am–12 noon. Free. Book via Eventbrite

This event takes place at Bookmarket: a pop up bookshop and events space by The Fruitmarket Gallery. Bookmarket is on the top level of Waverley Mall, Princes Street accessed via Williams and Johnson Coffee Co. situated at the top of Waverley Steps.

Read and discuss passages of fiction and poetry then try your hand at creative writing in response. These sessions will be led by the poet JL Williams.

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Roots, Rhythms,Testimonies: Brina, Tom Pow and Marty Hailey

Sun 26 May, 7.30–9.30pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite.

Jamaican roots reggae singer Brina is one of Scotland’s undersung talents, whose music fuses elements of her cultural and musical heritage using Reggae, Nyabinghi and other musical styles from the global African Diaspora.

Tom Pow is one of Scotland’s most accomplished poets and tonight he offers Transfusion his extended poem in praise of Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela, which brings in elements of travel writing from visits to Africa separated by twenty years. Marty Hailey is an endlessly versatile composer and musician who has worked with Brina and Pow to bind both their talents together in a night of song and deep-rooted story.

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You were also there

Thu 30 Nov, 5.30–8pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite

For Book Week Scotland, a night spent with the social side of Jacqueline Donachie’s exhibition with politically engaged Irish poets Christodoulos Makris and Julie Morrissy, Scots author and NHS campaigner Rab Wilson as well as music from Edinburgh charity Upward Mobility’s band Sounds Rhythmic – an inclusive percussion band that play a range of instruments will perform fun, original rhythms both unaccompanied and to recorded music. This will be an evening of strong voices celebrating how we care for one another.

Photo: Chris Scott

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