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What Price Poetry? Pip Thornton and Nick-e Melville

Tue 18 Feb, 6.30–8pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite
At Bookmarket, top level Waverley Mall, 3/1 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1BQ

An evening untangling the value of language, and its cost. We read the results of Thornton’s work {poem}.py (2017),a poem receipt printer which uses the same calculations from Google’s word stockmarket as her Bookmarket installation Arcadia. Poet Nick-e Melville applies processes of erasure and recontextualisation to reveal political machinations working under the surface of the communications that surround and target us.

Artist Pip Thornton’s Arcadia (2020) has been made specially for The Fruitmarket Gallery’s pop-up space in Waverley Mall, using LED screens hung in the bookshop’s windows to display text that will be seen in the communal mall space below. The text is from Walter Benjamin’s Arcades project. Each word appears along with a price which is allocated from Google’s advertising platform. Arcadia invites us to consider the processes that generate monetary value around us, in both physical and virtual marketplaces. Arcadia is on display at Bookmarket until 29 March 2020.

Photo: Chris Scott

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