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Each body has a use, has a use

Sat 25 May, 6-9pm. Free. Bar open. Book via Eventbrite.

Join us for an evening of performances in response to Senga Nengudi’s exhibition at The Fruitmarket Gallery. The performers have been selected by movement researcher, artist and producer Claricia Parinussa, artist Natasha Ruwona and Fresh Fruit, the gallery’s peer-led programme for young adults.

Performances 6-8pm
DJ set 8-9pm


Aya Kobayashi is an independent dance artist working in the field of performance and movement exploration. She makes site specific work often collaborating with artists working in different mediums. She has presented her work in venues around the UK including Tate Modern as well as abroad.

Courtney Stoddart is a poet and singer passionate about dismantling hierarchy in all its forms. She intertwines historical, political and social discussion into rhythm and rhyme. Taking inspiration from the lyricism and format of old-school hip hop and rap.

Does/Doesn’t is a group performance from Camilla Makhmudi, Anna Phillips and Myles Westman which explores the politics of action and non-action.

DJ Scotia is the DJ subset of producer, performer and rapper Shaheeda Sinckler a.k.a NOVA SCOTIA the TRUTH. She merges different sounds to create a continuous mix, blending genres and following instincts – favouring a dark, bass-heavy atmosphere.

Rosina Bonsu is a Glasgow based dance artist.

The event takes its title from a poem by Natasha Ruwona written in response to Senga Nengudi’s exhibition:

a black body is only visible in the night
always visible against light
the world i exist within is consumed
by black
by white 

how can my body shape shift?
shrink and stretch
to whatever i see fit
my performance

a body pinned to a wall
left to hang and then to fall
our strange fruit ripened
then consumed
by all

how do the whites of walls highlight brownness and blackness? x3

each person has a use
for a colonised body
each person has a use
has a use 

if i imagine my body
in the form of tights
brown – hard to find.
stretched. tired. fragile.
yet secure and strong
springing back to life
continuing to rise. 

what does it mean to have a multi-purposeful body?

sand weights
don’t wait
to weigh

when hurston said

‘i feel most coloured when i am thrown against a sharp white background’ 

she put it best.
how does the gallery reflect

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In Conversation: Whiteness, Representation & Visibility

Thu 2 May, 11am–6pm. Free. 50 places. Book via Eventbrite

11am–4.40pm at Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT
5–6pm at The Fruitmarket Gallery, 45 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF

A day of conversations and workshops seeking to highlight and address whiteness within arts institutions in Scotland. Developed by Natasha Ruwona and Claricia Parinussa Kruithof, the day is presented in collaboration with Engage Scotland and The Fruitmarket Gallery and involves contributions from and conversations between a range of speakers and artists, aiming to establish intersectional approaches to take forward together. With contributions form Saaquib Afzal, Sequoia Barnes, D/ecology, Claricia Parinussa Kruithof, Briana Pegado, Natasha Ruwona.

This event is part of The Fruitmarket Gallery’s Connecting Communities strand, creative projects and events which broaden their work with a diverse range of communities, providing a framework in which to ask questions and address issues around identity and equality, community cohesion and mutual understanding between our changing and diverse communities.


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