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In the Frame: Audio Descriptive Tour

Sat 4 May, 12–2pm. Free, with lunch and refreshments. 12 places.
Book via Eventbrite

or call 0131 2265 2383
Artist Juliana Capes will take you through detailed descriptions of Nengudi’s art and practice. Designed for people with visual impairments and hearing loss but open to all.

Supported by The RS MacDonald Charitable Trust

Image: Senga Nengudi Performance Piece,1978. Courtesy the artist; Lévy Gorvy, New York, London; and Thomas Erben Gallery, New York. Photo: Harmon Outlaw

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In the Frame: Descriptive Tour

Sat 15 Sep, 12-2pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite
Artist Juliana Capes will take you through detailed descriptions of Dean’s art and practice, with lunch and refreshments. We particularly welcome people with visual impairments, hearing loss and disabilities.

In the Frame: Descriptive Tour is supported by The RS MacDonald Charitable Trust.

About the exhibition 

Tacita Dean is one of Britain’s most respected and successful international artists. This year has been a busy one for her, with exhibitions at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery focusing on the genres of landscape, portraiture and still life. Taking theatre and performance as its theme, our exhibition complements these showings, and is presented in the context of the Edinburgh International Festival, the world’s pre-eminent celebration of the performing arts.

The exhibition is built around Dean’s film Event for a Stage (2015), in which actor Stephen Dillane delivers a virtuoso solo performance: it is a performance about performing, given by an actor playing the part of an actor. As the film moves swiftly backwards and forwards between ‘reality’ and ‘illusion’, the audience never quite knows how much of what we are seeing to believe – much of the script concerns the role of text, actor and audience in creating and preserving the ‘magic of suspended disbelief that is the theatre’.

Event for a Stage is joined in the exhibition by a selection of works brought together for the first time that focus on ideas related to acting and the theatre, including her recent film miniature His Picture in Little of three actors who all played Hamlet on the London stage and her early installation Foley Artist that uses the fiction of sound in cinema to portray the actions of a theatre usherette. The exhibition also includes a blackboard drawing and photogravures that together examine performance and its relationship to fiction, the imagination and the collective effort of artist and audience. Turning truth into fiction and unspooling the threads of narrative even as they seem to be weaving them into a convincing tale, these beguiling, entrancing works offer another window into the imagination of this most complex of artists.

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In the Frame

Sat 12 May, 12–2pm. Free. 12 places. Book via Eventbrite 
Artist Juliana Capes will take you through detailed descriptions of Lozano’s art and practice, with lunch and refreshments. We particularly welcome people with visual impairments, and hearing loss and disabilities.

About the exhibition
Lee Lozano Slip Slide Splice
10 March – 3 June 2018
Lee Lozano was a major figure in the New York art scene of the 1960s and early 1970s, making furiously inventive, irreverent and often tiny paintings and drawings; vast, abstracted paintings that sometimes used tools as their starting point; and conceptual works which took the form of instructions: ‘investment piece: be the recipient of a grant. Invest half the money on the stock exchange and hold purchase for a minimum time period of six months’.
These works, called ‘language pieces’ by Lozano, culminated in General Strike Piece (‘gradually but determinedly avoid being present at official or public “uptown” functions or gatherings related to the “art world’’…’) and then Dropout Piece which saw Lozano leave New York and the art scene entirely. Her radical approach to art and life, in particular her systematic refusal to engage with the institutions and support structures of the art world, led somewhat inevitably to her work being neglected and becoming much less well known over time. Recently, this has begun to change, and we are proud to make this contribution to the reassessment of Lozano’s work.

This exhibition brings together work from across Lozano’s career. A selection of small paintings from 1962 will be shown alongside a selection of drawings from around the same time – metamorphic and often suggestive. Four vast, abstracted paintings will be contextualised both by related drawings and previously unseen notes, instructions and lists. A restaging of Infofiction, the exhibition of language pieces she made in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1971, a few months before her exit from the art world, completes the exhibition, drawing visitors into the world of Lozano’s innovative and uncompromising artistic imagination; the world of a supremely talented painter who in the end prioritised thinking over doing.

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In The Frame

Join us for an informal lunch and a descriptive tour of the Jac Leirner exhibition. Artist Juliana Capes will take you through detailed descriptions of the art and the artist’s practice. This event is open to everyone, we particularly welcome people with disabilities, including visual impairment and hearing loss. Refreshments served.

Book via Eventbrite here, but if you would prefer to book by phone or email call 0131 226 8181 or email

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