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Parallel Annotations: Melanie Reid and Andrew Gannon

Every Thursday for the duration of  the exhibition we launch a book, and invite each author, as well as local writers, curators and academics to respond to The Annotated Reader, adding another layer to its annotations. Conversations between texts emerge, different pages of the Reader come to the fore as these readings are presented within the installation.

Tonight journalist Melanie Reid, whose memoir The World I Fell Out Of (Harper Collins) was published this year, will be in conversation with artist Andrew Gannon, exploring the interlacing of creativity and disability.

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My Art Comes from Who I Am

Sat 27 Apr, 2–5pm. Free. 8 places. Book via Eventbrite

A creative workshop looking at how the experiences of people who identify as physically disabled inform the outcomes of exercises used to develop minimal action artworks. This co-production workshop led by artist Andrew Gannon is aimed at artists with personal experience of physical disability. We will work from the position of disability rather than making work about it.

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Slight Works is a day-long event that explores the ways in which live work – with a focus on minimal actions – can be proposed, presented, and documented. All the work examines the relationship between the body and space with a lightness of touch and a slightly diffident, awkward sense of humour.

Slight Works brings together the work of three artists who include performance in their practice: Emily Speed, Andrew Gannon and Thomas Geiger. While this event includes live performances, it also addresses the life of a performance after its first iteration, through documentary images, films and re-stagings.

This event forms part of Open Out – a week of performance, installation, film, dance and music at The Fruitmarket Gallery.

Slight Works: programme of live performances

11.30am Andrew Gannon, Chewing Gum

12.30pm Andrew Gannon, Balancing Work

1.30pm Andrew Gannon, Eating Pistachios

2.30pm Andrew Gannon, Chair Work – Span

3.30pm Emily Speed, Brick Parade

5pm Andrew Gannon, Bottles, a work made with breathing

Image: Andrew Gannon, Balancing Work, 2018

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