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William Kentridge and Vivienne Koorland


This publication brings together the work of William Kentridge and Vivienne Koorland , two of South Africa’s foremost visual artists, who met as university students in the mid 1970’s and who have been talking and thinking together about art ever since. With a selection of work chosen to bring out the historical, formal and thematic links between their practices, the publication looks at their mutual interests in maps and mapping, in drawing, in books and the bookish, in writing and language and at how these interests come to the fore in their rich and compelling work.



Brought together by Tamar Garb herself a long-standing friend of both artists, the publication features an insightful essay by Garb, a recently recorded conversation between Kentridge and Koorland, and new writing from Briony Fer, Joseph Leo Koerner, Ed Krcma and Griselda Pollock. Lavishly illustrated, it offers the chance to look in a new way at the work of these two significant artists.