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Damián Ortega


Damián Ortega States of Time 

This major new bilingual publication lavishly illustrates the new body of work Ortega produced for his exhibition, States of Time. It includes new writing by Adrian Forty, Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of the Built Environment at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, and Mexican journalist, writer and friend of the artist Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez, alongside illustrations of the clay tools, waves, icebergs and valleys that together comprise States of Time. It was launched to mark the opening of Edinburgh Art Festival at the end of July 2016.

Throughout this exhibition the book is available at the special exhibition price of £22.95. Normal RRP £27.00 (as of 24 October 2016). 


Born in 1967 in Mexico City, Damián Ortega is one of the most prominent artists of his generation. His work prioritises action over object, seeking to call attention to the dynamism of the world around us, the continually evolving processes from which the world and everything in it is made. This book presents a new body of work made from clay in which Ortega explores clay as matter, as energy, as power, turning his restless imagination to an investigation of how the earth is shaped and reshaped by both natural and human force.

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