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Open Out

A week of installation, artists’ moving image, workshops, performance, dance and live music at The Fruitmarket Gallery

Open Out presents installation, artists’ moving image, workshops, performance, dance and live music which explore collaborative working across artforms, giving artists the opportunity to experiment and show their work.

Marco Giordano


Marco Giordano: Conjunctive Tissue
Mon 18–Sun 24 Feb. Daily, 11am–6pm. Free.
The series of banners in Marco Giordano’s Conjunctive Tissue acts as a thread of connections. These bright banners are based on collages created by people who took part in workshops run by the artist, and show conjunctions in different languages. Associations and connections between the words form and disappear as you move around the space. The exhibition will be on throughout the week, expanding on 19 & 20 February.

Curated by Katherine Midgley, Kaycee Moore, Nic Ruecroft and Sandra Stole as part of the MScR in Collections and Curating Practices at Edinburgh College of Art (University of Edinburgh).

Alison O'Neill Nothing Gets Through


Spilt Milk
19-20 Feb. 11am–6pm, screened on a loop (except during workshops and performances). Free.

A selection of artists’ moving image works exploring motherhood by Courtney Kessel, Alison O’Neill and Megan Wynne. Themes of identity, memory and subjectivity, gender and femininity connect across each work.

Artists included are all part of Spilt Milk, an artist-led social enterprise promoting the work of artists who are mothers.

Curated by Katherine Midgley, Kaycee Moore, Nic Ruecroft and Sandra Stole as part of the MScR in Collections and Curating Practices at Edinburgh College of Art (University of Edinburgh).

Freestyle Baby, Cubitt Gallery, London, 2018. Photograph by Maxim Northover


Workshop: Aniela Piasecka
Tue 19 Feb. 6–7.30pm. Free. 15 places.
Book via Eventbrite
Workshop with dancer and performance artist Aniela Piasecka exploring the themes and ideas of her new work, Passé. You will explore how the personal can be used to create shared experiences, discussing how to set ideas into performance. You will be encouraged to use simple movements and spoken words, drawing on your own experiences. Everyone welcome, no dance or movement experience required.

Aniela Piasecka: Passé
8–8.20pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite

In this newly commissioned movement performance Aniela Piasecka (STASIS, Proudfoot & Piasecka) explores the discovery of the collective from the expression of the individual. An evocative, personal work that turns inward and then reaches out, this performance combines personal memories with historical events and scraps of popular culture. Francis Dosoo’s accompanying soundscape provides a soundtrack of a life lived from 1992 to 2019, with visual contributions by artist Joanne Dawson.

Curated by Katherine Midgley, Kaycee Moore, Nic Ruecroft and Sandra Stole as part of the MScR in Collections and Curating Practices at Edinburgh College of Art (University of Edinburgh).



Open Bodies
Thu 21 Feb, 10am–5.30pm, workshops. 12–6pm, installations. 6–8.30pm, live performances.

Fruitmarket presents installation and performance work around gender and sexuality developed on our Brazilian residency, Open Bodies. Artists Stephanie Black-Daniels and Henry McPherson lead artist- aimed workshops during the day in and around the gallery, and add live elements to the presentation of their, and artists Vinícius Pinto Rosa’s and Miro Spinelli’s, work in the evening.

Performing women in the city
Thu 21 Feb, 10am–1pm. Free. 10 places. Book via Eventbrite

Black-Daniels guides female-identifying people in the use of performance and text to explore gender complexities and the socio-political context of their host city. These experiments will create site-specific responses to different city locations. Participants document and share their ideas during the session.

Sounding Bodies
Thu 21 Feb, 2–5.30pm. Free. 10 places. Book via Eventbrite 
Exploring ways of listening, McPherson leads a workshop featuring exercises in sonic meditation and poses questions about how our identities interact sonically, visually, and physically, with the world around us. Participants are free to bring audio recorders, musical instruments, and things that make noise.

Open Bodies live event
Thu 21, 6–8.30pm. Free. Book via Eventbrite
The opportunity to experience residency artists’ work, including live presentations alongside the installations in the gallery spaces.

Farah Saleh


Farah Saleh: What My Body Can/t Remember
Fri 22 Feb. Doors open 6pm. Free. Performance: 6.30–7.15pm. Post-show reception until 8pm, wine provided. Book via Eventbrite

What My Body Can/t Remember is the latest story in Palestinian dancer and choreographer Farah Saleh’s Palestinian Archive of Gestures – an ongoing project through which Saleh archives hidden stories from the Palestinian narrative.

In this new Fruitmarket commission, Saleh attempts to archive her personal story by exploring what her body can and can’t remember of her life in Ramallah in 2002 when, living under curfew, Saleh returned to dancing after years of interruption. Working with filmmaker Owa Barua, Saleh recalls the daily gestures of her life exploring her memory of a period when her domestic space was her only site of physical freedom.

Alongside the performance, Saleh will show a selection of videos from her Palestinian Archive of Gestures and her wider practice from 12 noon.

KOandHoTC combined


Kobi Onyame and Heir of The Cursed
Sat 23 Feb, 7.30–11pm. Early bird tickets £10* until 9 Feb, thereafter £12*. Book via Eventbrite 

We are excited to welcome Kobi Onyame and Heir of The Cursed to play at the Fruitmarket. Onyame is
a UK-based Ghanaian hip-hop artist who draws heavily on African culture – both sonically and visually – creating a deft crossover between traditional hip-hop and Ghanaian rhythms. Joining him will be Heir of The Cursed who is known for her mesmerising, intricate guitar work and soulful voice. As well as singing on Onyame’s album GOLD, she has been wowing Scottish audiences with her own songs influenced by the strange nuances of life, rooted in grief, Scottish weather, the constant and the inconstant.
*plus booking fee



LINK Party
Sun 24 Feb. 7–10pm. Free. All welcome. Book via Eventbrite

Get together for LINK, the closing party celebrating art and connectedness. Make your mark in badge and banner making, creating something you can take home, and reflect on togetherness in film documentation of the past two weeks of creativity. With juicy Ritmoclectic beats (Afro/Latin/ Electronic) by DJ Domcore. One free cocktail or mocktail per person, while stocks last.

Curated by Fresh Fruit our peer-led group for young adults aged 16–25.