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The Fruitmarket Gallery shows the work of some of the world’s most important Scottish and international artists. We are committed to making contemporary art accessible without compromising art or under-estimating audiences.

We aim to bring artists and audiences together, recognising that art can change lives and offering an intimate encounter with art for free.

We make exhibitions, commissions and publications directly in collaboration with artists. We celebrate new thinking, and offer an international platform for artists, curators and writers, whether they have made their reputation here or abroad.

The Fruitmarket Gallery welcomes all audiences. We make it easy for everyone to engage with art, encouraging questions and supporting debate.

Originally built as a fruit and vegetable market in 1938, The Fruitmarket Gallery has been operating as a space for presenting art since 1974. Under the creative directorship of Fiona Bradley, since 2003 the Gallery has presented solo exhibitions of work by artists as internationally significant as Louise Bourgeois, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Martin Creed, Willie Doherty, Eva Hesse, Gabriel Orozco, Dieter Roth, Fred Sandback, Roman Signer and Fred Tomaselli. We have also created high profile opportunities for artists who have developed their practice in Scotland: Claire Barclay, Christine Borland, Nathan Coley, Louise Hopkins, Callum Innes, Toby Paterson, Lucy Skaer and Tony Swain, ensuring an international platform for home grown talent.

The Fruitmarket Gallery’s curatorial influence extends outside the Gallery. In 2011, we curated Scotland’s pavilion for the Venice Biennale, presenting the work of Karla Black in an exhibition that was recommended as a highlight of the Biennale on the front page of the New York Times. We also commission public art, notably Martin Creed’s Work No. 1059 on Edinburgh’s historic but hitherto dilapidated Scotsman Steps, in a programme of strategic commissions that aims to improve the fabric as well as the culture of Edinburgh.

Creative Programme

We prioritise six objectives in two key strands within the creative programme: exhibitions, commissions and publications; and learning, interpretation, equalities and diversity.

  • Exhibitions – showing new and existing work by Scottish and international, modern and contemporary artists.
  • Commissions – enabling artists to develop ideas to tangible form in presentation to an audience.
  • Publishing – extending the reach of the Gallery’s creative activity.
  • Learning – exploring issues raised in art with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and knowledge levels.
  • Interpretation – giving audiences the tools to access art for themselves, encouraging questions and supporting debate.
  • Equalities and diversity – ensuring that physical and intellectual barriers to access are removed wherever possible.

For a complete copy of our Exhibitions Policy, click here.