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The Fruitmarket Gallery provides opportunity and inspiration for artists and audiences.

We programme exhibitions with the best Scottish and International artists and enrich these with a wide variety of cultural and educational events. We are committed to making contemporary art accessible without under-estimating audiences or compromising art or the ideas it enacts. We create a welcoming space for people to think with art in ways that are meaningful to them – for free.

Our exhibitions, publications and events aim to show thinking happening, to demonstrate that art is a creative, active and generous cultural force, to resonate with visitors and to create an enriching, challenging context for an audience’s own ideas.

We believe that engaging with art in this way is enjoyable, leads to an improved quality of life, and revitalises our understanding of ourselves as individuals and as part of society.

The Fruitmarket Gallery was described by artist Gabriel Orozco as a ‘kind of laboratory’: a place where artists are trusted to take risks, to experiment, to frame questions rather than provide answers; and where audiences are supported to think and explore alongside artists. A socially committed organisation, we value art as an agent of disruption and change, and look to art and artists to bring new perspectives to bear on current issues and debates.

The Fruitmarket Gallery combines the professionalism of a much larger organisation with the warmth, intimacy and entrepreneurial spirit of a small one. We have the expertise, track record and understanding of budget priorities to work with high-profile international artists; to borrow works from major public and private collections; and to help artists at every stage in their career experiment to realise their ambitions. Our publications programme is internationally respected, and gives artists an opportunity to reassess and develop their work in conversation with our curatorial, editorial and design staff; to make connections with writers; and to reach new audiences. Our engagement programmes attract and empower multiple audiences, making connections both for and with a diverse range of people between art and the world that it is informed by and informs.

Creative Programme

We prioritise six objectives in two key strands within the creative programme: exhibitions, commissions and publications; and learning, interpretation, equalities and diversity.

  • Exhibitions – showing new and existing work by Scottish and international, modern and contemporary artists.
  • Commissions – enabling artists to develop ideas to tangible form in presentation to an audience.
  • Publishing – extending the reach of the Gallery’s creative activity.
  • Learning – exploring issues raised in art with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and knowledge levels.
  • Interpretation – giving audiences the tools to access art for themselves, encouraging questions and supporting debate.
  • Equalities and diversity – ensuring that physical and intellectual barriers to access are removed wherever possible.

For a complete copy of our Exhibitions Policy, click here