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The Fruitmarket Gallery produces a range of resources supporting the exhibition that are available in the Gallery and online.

For all audiences

Exhibition Guide
A guide to the current exhibition, covering all the works on display. Available in the gallery and to download.

Resource room
A variety of relevant publications is available for reference in the Gallery’s resource room. Currently, we have the following selection for Lee Lozano: Slip Slide Splice:


  • Gwen Allen, Artists’ Magazines. An alternative space for art, The MITPress, Cambridge, 2015.
  • Jo Applin, Not Working: Lee Lozanoversus the Art World 1961-1971, Yale University Press, 2018.
  • Fiona Bradley (ed.), Lee Lozano: Slip Slide Splice, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2018.
  • Julia Bryan-Wilson, Art Workers: Radical Practice in the Vietnam War Era, University of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London, 2011.
  • Martin Herbert, Tell Them I Said No, Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2016.
  • Lucy Lippard, Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object from 1966 to 1972, University of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London, 1997.
  • Lee Lozano, Lee Lozano: Notebooks 1967-70, Primary Information, 2010.
  • Lee Lozano: win first dont last win last dont care, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 2006.
  • Lee Lozano, Lee Lozano: Private Book 1, Karma, New York, 2017.
  • Lee Lozano, Lee Lozano: Private Book 2, Karma, New York, 2017.
  • Lee Lozano, Lee Lozano: Private Book 3, Karma, New York, 2017.
  • Christine Meyer-Stoll, Rolf Ricke Collection: A Document of the Times, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2008.
  • Iris Muller-Westermann, Jo Applin, Lucy R. Lippard, Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Lee Lozano, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2010.


  • Carl Andre, ‘In the Matter of Lee Lozano’ (1983) in James Meyer (ed.), Cuts: texts 1959-2004/Carl Andre, MIT Press, Cambridge MA; London, 2005, p.134.
  • Jo Applin, ‘Hard Work: Lee Lozano’s Dropouts’, OCTOBER, 156, Spring 2016, pp.75–99.
  • Sophie Cras, ‘Art as an Investment and Artistic Shareholding Experiments in the 1960s’. American Art, Vol. 27, No.1, 2013, pp.3–23.
  • James Kalm, ‘Brooklyn Dispatches: Resurrection of a Bad-Ass Girl, Part I’, The Brooklyn Rail, November 2008.
  • James Kalm, ‘Brooklyn Dispatches: Resurrection of a Bad-Ass Girl, Part II’, The Brooklyn Rail, March 2009.
  • Helen Molesworth, ‘Tune in, Turn on, Drop out: The Rejection of Lee Lozano’, Art Journal, 61, No. 4 (Winter, 2002), pp.64–71.
  • Robert Wilonsky, ‘The Dropout Piece’, Dallas Observer, December 1999.

Exhibition Film
An interview with the artist or curator of the current exhibition. Available to view in the Gallery’s resource room, or on our YouTube Channel. The film is available to buy on DVD in the Gallery bookshop.

Exhibition catalogue
For each exhibition, we produce a new publication, with especially commissioned texts from artists, curators and art historians. The catalogue is available in the Gallery bookshop, or via our online shop.


We have a full programme of events to accompany each exhibition, including tours, talks, panel discussions, workshops, music events, book groups, poetry events and film screenings.

Talks are live-streamed on Periscope, and recordings are available online after the event, via our archive 

For Teachers and Community leaders

Top Up: Gallery Learning resource for teachers and community leaders
A guide for teachers and community leaders. Available in the Gallery and to download

All previous exhibition resources are in the Exhibition Archive