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Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller's Night Walk for Edinburgh

What is it and how does it work?
Night Walk for Edinburgh is an artwork by Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller which takes the form of a 50 minute walk through the Old Town of Edinburgh after dark. You follow the film on your tablet or smart phone and the soundtrack on your headphones. You start on Cockburn Street in Edinburgh at the bottom of Advocate’s Close, the work then takes you on a route that weaves around the Royal Mile before returning to where you started. The route involves c.120 steps up and 30 down, and uneven ground, and is entirely in public, unsupervised space. It is intended to be a solo experience, but as the walk is at night we suggest that you may want to enjoy it in pairs or small groups. Although it is important that everyone has their own screen and headphones.

How much does it cost?
Night Walk for Edinburgh is free. There is no cost for the app nor and no booking fee. At the end of the film there is a donation button where you can donate to Fruitmarket, a registered Scottish charity. Please consider supporting us to help keep our programmes ambitious, inclusive and free.

What equipment do I need?
You will need a smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet) and headphones for it. You will also need space on your device for the download – 800MB available for the non-subtitled version and 1GB available for the subtitled version.

How do I get the App?
Download Night Walk for Edinburgh in the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices. We recommend you download the App and the film on WiFi prior to your booking start time.

Where is the start point?
At the bottom of Advocates’ Close on Cockburn Street, Edinburgh. There is also a map in the App. You will see a marker on the street which indicates where to start the experience by pressing play on your device.

Why is the film download so big?
The artists filmed in high definition to allow detail and clarity of the image when shot and shown at night. We recommend you connect to WiFi to download.

Is there free WiFi at the start point?|
Yes. If you need to you can sign up and connect to download through _Edi FreeWiFi – please note this is not in any way associated with Fruitmarket.

Is there a subtitled version?
Yes. You can select to download a CC English subtitle version. We do not have other languages available at the moment.

Can I participate in the walk in a group?
Yes. Booking in pairs or as a family is a good way to enjoy the experience as the walk is best done after dark. If you would like to participate with a bigger group, we are happy to organise this for you, contact us on

What age is it suitable for?
We recommend it for children of 12 and up but parents and carers should use their discretion. The work contains mild threat and can be a bit disorientating, and includes infrequent alcohol, tobacco, or drug use references.

I can’t get to Edinburgh can I still watch it?
Yes. Just download the film in the app and it can be watched at any time. We do recommend that for the best experience those that can should view the film while walking the route, but this is an option for people who cannot get to Edinburgh or cannot walk the route for whatever reason.

How do I find out more about the artists or the cast Night Walk for Edinburgh?
At the end of the film press the Find Out More button where you can watch a film about the artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller and the making of Night Walk for Edinburgh. There is also a downloadable guide with a written text about the artwork and a full cast list.

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