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Heads Up! Workshops

Make three heads in clay, inspired by Daniel Silver's exhibition

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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Free Admission
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13.08.22 and 14.08.22, 10am–12pm and 1–3pm. For adults. 12 places per workshop. Book via Eventbrite

Artists Hannah Ayre and Khadea Kuchenmeister lead you through the process of creating three heads in clay, using your sense of touch, you are invited to experiment with different ways of studying and representing your head, encouraging you to think about how you see yourself from outside and in.

As artist Daniel Silver puts it, it is ‘about the hand that makes and our perception of ourselves.’

The reason I make the head is, on the one hand to continue the bust-making tradition, and on the other that they are the most interesting part of the body, the most object-like part of the body.

Daniel Silver’s sculpture examines the relationship between looking and touching, between observing the world and being in it.

Over the summer, our engagement programme is focused on head making, with artist-led workshops for nurseries, schools, young people and community groups as well as these sessions for adults.

The resulting heads will populate the Fruitmarket Warehouse in an exhibition in October 2022. These heads, a crowd formed by the hands of many individuals, will stand in for our wide-ranging audience, those who have come through our doors and looked at, and been looked at by Silver’s clay figures.

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