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‘FND Stories’ Discussion Event

Lived Experiences of Functional Neurological Disorder through Art

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5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Free Admission
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07.03.24. 5.30–7.30pm. Book via Eventbrite

Join artist Andrew J Brooks and the participants of his award-winning multidisciplinary art project, FND Stories, to view a selection of the work and hear a discussion around living with the neurological condition it addresses, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND).  

FND Stories is based on in-person interviews with 6 people from around the UK who live with FND along with contributions from over 90 of those diagnosed from around the world. The interviews gave first-hand accounts of living with FND which is a common and disabling cause of neurological symptoms. The symptoms are not caused by a structural disease of the nervous system but it is a problem with the “functioning” of the nervous system. It is a problem with how the brain and body send and receive signals. The symptoms can cause impairment in quality of life that is similar to and in some aspects worse than other neurological conditions. The artwork was created using techniques of data analysis from the interviews and contributions in a range of media including silent video, text-based art, and large-scale ink and gold leaf pieces. The project seeks to raise awareness of the condition and highlights the lived experiences of those diagnosed.  

The project was awarded ‘Art of Neuroscience 2023’ by the Netherherlands Institute for Neuroscience.  This event and the project have been funded by Creative Informatics and supported by FND Hope UK as an independent artist.



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