Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Statement  

Fruitmarket champions the rights of people from marginalised groups, including people who experience racism, people who experience religious discrimination, disabled people, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people, women and girls, people from low income backgrounds, working class, and older people. We take an intersectional approach to our work, to ensure that diverse audiences are represented in our organisation. We have specific priorities in the areas of race, social class and disability, currently under-represented in the cultural sector.

We seek to hold Fruitmarket open as a space for artistic expression and peaceful dialogue, discussion and dissent; a place for encounter and exchange that might contribute to international understanding. We want inequalities and injustice to be recognised and addressed in our programmes and operations. As a cultural institution, we understand the need for people – artists, audiences, staff – to hold, express and act on political views. We provide a platform for events that raise awareness and understanding of international situations as they become important to the communities we reach.


We pledge to:

  • Include marginalised voices in our creative programmes
  • Reach out to marginalised communities with our engagement programmes
  • Partner with activist organisations, supporting them to programme events in our space that help increase their profile
  • Offer paid internships to young people from marginalised groups
  • Provide unconscious bias training for all staff
  • Use inclusive language and imagery across all our communications
  • Remove barriers to access in all areas of our operations
  • Participate together as a staff team in active discourse around race, social class and disability, through regular reading and discussion
  • Ensure our partners and organisations we work with align with our Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion values, including being Living Wage employers
  • Advertise jobs and Board vacancies widely through channels and networks that attract applicants from marginalised groups
  • Fundraise for new positions that both diversify our staff team and create new opportunities for artists
  • Provide a supportive working environment with structures that recognise people’s differences

And we commit to publicly sharing progress against these pledges. You can follow our progress here



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