We believe that art inspires positive social, emotional and intellectual change. 

    Our engagement programme provides space to think and make with art, artists and cultural practitioners across artforms, whether you are new to art or are developing your existing knowledge.  Projects, workshops, talks, discussions, performances and resources encourage dialogue and exchange through shared enquiry and making. The programme is co-produced with artists, participants and partner organisations, to ensure it reaches and is relevant to our communities. 

    We can’t wait to welcome you into our new Studio, which sits at the heart of the Fruitmarket, just off the upper Gallery. Fitted out with specialist facilities for research and reading as well as experimenting with materials and ideas, the Studio is a space to discuss, create and explore.

    Everyone – whether you think art is for you or not – will be able to create with artists in new ways.

    We always plan a range of events to compliment the exhibitions and commissions from artists’ talks, reading groups, workshops led by artists, discussions with academics and much more besides.

    We host and create events from music gigs to knitting workshops, poetry readings to tech-labs, and any combination of these that we can think of.

    We’ll have specialist sessions designed with and for very young children and their families, young people, older people, people with mental health issues, and people with disabilities.

    Opportunities to participate will be updated regularly on our website. We’d love you to come and get involved, and share your ideas with us about what you’d like to see in our renewed spaces. We welcome old friends and new to make yourselves at home with us.

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