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Artists’ BookMarket

Artists’ BookMarket 2018
Sat 17 and Sun 2018, 11am–6pm
at The Fruitmarket Gallery, 45 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF
and Stills, 23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1BP

This year for Artists’ BookMarket The Fruitmarket Gallery and Stills have partnered, allowing more space for a curated approach to the different strands of artists’ book practice and giving greater prominence to artists who work with photography. And it’s not just the stalls that have multiplied, with an enlarged programme of talks, events and workshops across both galleries, make time to visit each venue.


At The Fruitmarket Gallery
Joanna Robson, Book Works, Elaine Fullerton, Skerrypress, Marion Archibald, Stichill Marigold Press, MÄ Harel, Stephen Livingstone, UNIT Collective, Road Books, Moschatel Press, Henningham Family Press, Reed Contemporary Books, Rudy Kanhye, Charlotte Wendy Law, Stef Mitchell, Jennifer Pettigrew, bound:unbound, Artists Book Club (ABC), The Caseroom Press, C.A. Hiley, Cécile Simonis, Elizabeth Willow, Seeing Poetry, point and place, Pat Hodson, Kerry Douglas & Frances Douglas, ECA Illustration: Bookmark, Hamillustration, John Taylor, Tricia Willder, Lucy Roscoe – The Book Tree Press, Crisps, O Panda Gordo, Iona Sherwood, Susie Wright,  Anupa Gardner, Dot and the Line, Andrea Allan, Sarah Tulloch, Anna Yevtukh, David Faithfull, Rhona Taylor, Battenburg Press, The Gutter Press, Mhairi Braden.

At Stills Gallery
Less Than 500 Press, Weproductions, Ian Mitchell, Gordian Projects, Jessie Churchill, Adam Geary/AGLU, Shona Grant, SOFTBOX COLLECTIVE, Ag47 Press, George Logan and Christine Partridge, The Pupil Sphere, The Democratic Camera Club, Fresh Focus, Volumes.


Saturday 17 February
at The Fruitmarket Gallery

Throughout the day point and place will be demonstrating their game Hexagons at their stall.

Workshop: Anna Yevtukh: Amazing pop-ups
£10+booking fee. 12 places. All ages. Book via Eventbrite 
This workshop will give you basic knowledge of how pop-ups work and you will create interesting pop-up designs.

Workshop: Andrea Allan: Three-hole pamplets
£5+booking fee. 10 places. Age 14+. Book via Eventbrite 
Learn how to make a three-hole pamphlet, which can be used for sketching or note-taking. You will take home your own handmade pamphlet with white pages and a coloured cover.

Workshop: Susie Wilson: Rubber stamped books
£8+booking fee. 10 places. Age 14+. Book via Eventbrite
Make a rubber stamp printed concertina book.

Talk: Lucy Roscoe: The book form in learning
Free, Book via Eventbrite 
Lucy Roscoe (The Book Tree Press) talks from experience about the book form in teaching and learning. Through a series of examples, she examines the possibilities that the book form offers as a tool for research, exploration, reflection and engagement for all ages.

Talk: Barrie Tullett: The Typographic Dante
Free, Book via Eventbrite
Barrie Tullett (The Caseroom Press) talks about the ongoing Typographic Dante project, a series of typographic illustrations he is creating that respond to the narrative of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Workshop: Susie Wilson: Exquisite corpse books
£8+booking fee. 12 places. Age 8+. Book via Eventbrite
A workshop making books using the Surrealist game of the ‘Exquisite Corpse’, in which each collaborator adds to a composition of words or images in a sequence.

Talk: Henningham Family Press: Concertina books
Free, Book via Eventbrite
Henningham Family Press present a survey of their innovative concertina books from the last ten years, including a monumental British Council commission printed over the course of three days in Moscow.

Sunday 18 February
at The Fruitmarket Gallery

Throughout the day point and place will be demonstrating their game Hexagons at their stall.

Workshop: Marion Archibald: Introduction to book-making
£12+booking fee. 10 places. For adults. Book via Eventbrite
An introduction to some of the basic techniques of making simple books, including folded books, folded and cut books, sewing a pamphlet book, and making a hard cover for a folded book. By the end of the workshop, you will have a selection of simple books to take away with you, as well as several templates to use to make your own books.

Talk: David Grinly: Robert Frank’s The Americans
Free, Book via Eventbrite
Robert Frank’s 1958 photo book The Americans has been hailed as one of the most significant photo books ever made – ‘redefining what a photo book could be’. In this talk, Stills’ Research Associate David Grinly asks whether we might take a new critical approach to Frank’s book and the photo book more generally.

Workshop: David Faithfull: Palindromic drawing
£8+booking fee, 10 places. 14+. Book via Eventbrite
Through a drawing workshop using the concertina book, you will explore the possibilities of the palindrome – a term describing mirroring structures, which comes from a Greek word meaning ‘running back again’.

Talk: Rudy Kanhye: Artists’ Cookbook – from blank page to book (in 10 months with 26 contributors)
Free, Book via Eventbrite
Using his Artists’ Cookbook as a starting point, Rudy Kanhye discusses daily rituals and the creative activity of cooking. Art as food as art.

Talk: Charlotte Wendy Law: Performance to page
Free, Book via Eventbrite
Charlotte Wendy Law talks about the performance that gave rise to her book DRAWN, which includes images of totems accompanied by poetic footnotes. The talk includes readings from the book, and a performance of the work Peal, in which the audience are invited to take part.

Saturday 17 February
at Stills Gallery

Workshop: Dot the Line: Introduction to letterpress printing
£5 per bookmark or card. £15 per notebook. 6 places. Age 12+.
Book via Eventbrite
A beginner’s class in letterpress printing, in which participants learn to set metal type and print it using an Adana 8×5 tabletop press. Each participant will learn to typeset a short quote and print it onto a set of bookmarks, greetings cards or notebook covers.

Sunday 18 February
at Stills Gallery

Workshop: Anna Yevtukh: Folding the pages
£10+booking fee. 12 places. All ages. Book via Eventbrite 
Learn how to up-cycle an old paperback into a free-standing 3D work of art.

Workshop: Stef Mitchell: A little bit of nature
£10+booking fee. 8 places. All ages. Book via Eventbrite
Workshop based on Stef Mitchell’s instructional zine ‘How to make a print with a little bit of love from a little bit of nature’. Learn a method of printing from nature that you can continue to use at home with simple equipment. You will make a meander fold book out of the prints created. ‘If possible please bring along plants to work with (pressed work best).