Tania Kovats, WELL


English artist Tania Kovats is fascinated by the way in which water sources are interconnected. Rivers, seas and oceans are the subject of drawings, sculptures and installations which explore the formation of landscapes, and our wider relationship with the natural world. WELL, a water fountain created especially for Fruitmarket, continues this exploration, inviting its users to think about the journey that water takes through the landscape to arrive at this place. 

Kovats exhibited at Fruitmarket in 2013 as part of the group exhibition Galápagos curated by Bergit Arends and Greg Hilty, and again in 2014 with her solo show Oceans. A highlight of this exhibition was All the Sea, an ambitious new work which presented water from all the world’s seas, collected with the help of a global network of people drawn in by the idea of bringing all the waters of the world to one place. 


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