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Opt in for Art

Opt in for Art
Exhibition 20 April – 6 May 2007

Opt in for Art presents the works of over 90 young artists. It marks the culmination of a two-year education programme which offers opportunities for children and young people throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians to engage with contemporary art. The exhibition presents a range of projects undertaken over the past two years, in collaboration with primary schools, secondary schools, youth groups and of course the young people themselves.

The art was produced in a variety of settings: in formal school groups or more informal youth settings; in one-off workshops or over a period of weeks or months; as products made by individuals working alone or as part of a wider collective; within the Gallery or as outreach projects.

A review of the exhibition Opt in for Art with audio from some of the young artists and audience comments.

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Exhibition Poster

This poster was designed by The Fruitmarket Gallery to support the Opt In For Art exhibition which ran from 20 April – 6 May 2007.

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