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Nathan Coley

Nathan Coley
Exhibition 2 May — 18 July 2004

Nathan Coley (born in Glasgow in 1967) is an artist whose work questions the way in which the values of a society are reflected in its architecture. His work is based around an interest in public space, and addresses issues such as the importance of place, the social value of architecture and the meaning and relevance of contemporary monuments. Coley has become known for works of public sculpture, yet this is only one part of his practice.

This exhibition concentrated on work intended to explore ideas from the built environment in the context of the gallery. Research motivates Coley’s practice; he is an ideas-driven artist whose methods include site visits, archival research, interviews and extensive photographic documentation. The works in this exhibition exemplified the range of media he uses in his work, including sculpture, photography, drawing, video, installation and an artwork that takes the form of a book.

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