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Marijke van Warmerdam

Marijke van Warmerdam First Drop
Exhibition 27 July – 17 September 2006

Marijke van Warmerdam is known for art which surprises the viewer with unexpected poetry. Often depicting strange and inexplicably wonderful moments – a pancake briefly masquerading as the moon, a puddle stirred into miraculous, shimmering life – it imposes itself on the mind and memory with a potent exuberance.

This was the artist’s first major solo exhibition in the UK and consisted of a specially-selected sequence of new and recent photographs, sculpture and film. With a typically light touch, the work combines a deceptively naive approach to the act of seeing with straightforward strategies such as dramatic shifts of scale, doubling, reflection, rhythmic repetition or surprising juxtapositions to urge us to look with our eyes wide open.

Exhibition organised in collaboration with Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Exhibition supported by Mondriaan Foundation and The Henry Moore Foundation with additional support from The Royal Netherlands Embassy

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