Jane Hyslop, The Oak Tree: a tribute to eternity


During Artists’ Bookmarket 2024 we presented an exhibition of work by artist Jane Hyslop, The Oak Tree: a tribute to eternity, which presented original drawings and pochoir prints from her artist book project inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel, Orlando.

In her work Hyslop develops themes of place and identity where human and natural histories meet. Her ideas are formed through research, observational drawing, reading, topographic study and material experimentation. The resulting layered narratives are brought together in drawing, printmaking and artist’s books.

Made in a limited edition of 300 copies the book, The Oak Tree: a tribute to eternity, spans over 700 years weaving historical and contemporary fact with fiction to mark the pivotal point at which we now find ourselves in the face of climate change and declining biodiversity. Echoing Woolf’s groundbreaking novel it draws attention to the very moment of the present, while urging us to look to the future. Taking the form of an imagined visual edition of the poem written throughout the novel by the eponymous central character The Oak Tree uses plants, a key element in Orlando to echo Orlando’s adventures across the centuries and to highlight historical and current events via direct reference and symbolism.


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Images: Tom Nolan

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