Fred Sandback

18.03.06 – 14.05.06

This exhibition was the first time any of the extraordinary work of prominent American artist Fred Sandback (1943-2003) had been seen in Scotland, and offered a rare opportunity to engage with the particularity of his vision.

Fred Sandback is best known for work that uses coloured yarn to trace imaginary planes in space. He came to prominence during the heyday of American Minimalism, and developed a body of work that is both informed by a signature style and, because of the close interdependence of each piece with the architecture of its location, always different at every showing. His sculpture is intimately concerned with space, with an individual’s understanding of being in a particular space, and the ways in which interventions into the space might alter and extend this understanding.

Exhibition organised by Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
Exhibition supported by The Henry Moore Foundation

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Images: Alan Dimmick


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