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Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse Studiowork
Edinburgh Art Festival Exhibition
5 August – 25 October 2009

The Fruitmarket Gallery’s 2009 Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition was a solo presentation of the work of German-born American artist Eva Hesse, a major figure in post-war art. The exhibition was the result of new research by renowned Hesse scholar Professor Briony Fer and was curated by Fer and Barry Rosen, Director of The Estate of Eva Hesse.

Throughout her career, Eva Hesse produced a large number of small, experimental works alongside her large-scale sculpture. These objects, the so-called test pieces, were made in a wide range of materials, including latex, wire-mesh, sculp-metal, wax and cheesecloth. This exhibition proposes that rather than simply technical explorations, these small objects radically put into question conventional notions of what sculpture is. Re-naming them studioworks rather than test pieces, the exhibition and the accompanying major publication offer a timely new interpretation of Hesse’s historical position, as well as highlighting her relevance for contemporary art now.

The exhibition was accompanied by a major new publication written by Briony Fer, Professor of History of Art at University College London and a specialist on Hesse’s work. Fully illustrated, the book includes a catalogue raisonne of the studioworks and makes a significant contribution to Hesse scholarship.

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Talks and Events

Briony Fer, Eva Hesse, Studiowork
A keynote lecture from Briony Fer the curator of Eva Hesse Studiowork exhibition.

Stephanie Straine: The trace and the matrix: rethinking the boundaries of drawing and sculpture in the work of Eva Hesse
Stephanie Straine, Exhibitions Organiser at The Fruitmarket Gallery, explores Hesse’s practice within the wider context of the radical deconstruction of the sculptural medium and the newly expanded conception of drawing in late 1960s New York.

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Exhibition Poster

This DVD features curator Briony Fer discussing the ideas behind the Eva Hesse Studiowork exhibition which ran from 5 August – 25 October 2009 at The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.


Fruitmarket Gallery Publication

The Fruitmarket Gallery produced a major new publication to accompany Eva Hesse Studiowork. Eva Hesse (1936-1970) produced a significant number of small, experimental works alongside her large-scale sculpture throughout her career.

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