Boyd Webb

23.01.88 – 03.03.88

New Zealand-born artist Boyd Webb presented an exhibition of colour photographs. Each image is a scene constructed and directed by the artist recorded in a single camera shot. As the exhibition guide says, ‘the effect is reminiscent of a film still: giving the impression that something has just or is about to happen.’ Webb plays with the relationship photography has with veracity, providing a conundrum to unpick, and asking where the line between reality and illusion lies. Webb was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1988.

The exhibition was organised by the Whitechapel Art Gallery and also shown at the Kestner Geselleschaft, Hanover, continuing to venues in the USA during 1988.

Exhibition summary written March 2022, Ruth Bretherick (Research and Public Engagement Curator, Fruitmarket).


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