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Air Iomlaid

Air Iomlaid
Exhibition 10 April – 9 May 2010

Air Iomlaid (On Exchange) was an ambitious education project involving 60 primary school pupils from Tollcross Primary School, Edinburgh and Bun-sgoil Shle`te, Skye. Conceived by artist Julie Brook and The Fruitmarket Gallery’s Children and Young People’s Programme Manager Johnny Gailey, following a process devised by Julie Brook, the project has involved the children in an intensive process of art tuition over 18 months. The children learned to draw and paint outside in their own and each other’s environments, and to work up their immediate responses in individual and collaborative drawings and paintings, poetry, film and animation. This exhibition was a celebration of the project and an opportunity to present the children’s work.

Is e pro`iseact foghlaim glo`ir-mhiannach a tha ann Air Iomlaid a’ toirt a-steach 60 sgoilearan bun-sgoile bho Bhun-sgoil Chrois na Ci`se an Du`n E`ideann agus bho Bhun-sgoil Shle`ite san Eilean Sgi`theanach. Air a tho`iseachadh le neach-ealain Julie Brook agus Manaidsear Pro`gram O`igridh Chloinne is Dhaoine O`ga The Fruitmarket Gallery, Johnny Gailey, an de`idh pro`iseas a dhealbh Julie Brook, tha am pro`iseact seo air a’ chlann a thoirt an sa`s ann am pro`iseas dian de theagasg ealain thairis air 18 mi`osan. Dh’ionnsaich a’ chlann a bhith a’ dealbhadh agus a’ peantadh a-muigh nan a`rainneachd fhe`in agus an a`rainneachd a che`ile, agus a bhith a’ nochdadh na grad-fhreagairtean aca ann an dealbhan, peantadh, ba`rdachd, fiolm is beothachadh fa-leth agus gu co- obrachail. Tha an taisbeanadh seo mar mholadh air a’ phro`iseact agus na chothrom air obair na cloinne a chur air adhart.

Supported by The National Lottery via The Scottish Arts Council’s Inspire Fund with additional funding from Bo`rd na Ga`idhlig, Scottish Natural Heritage, Learning and Teaching Scotland and The Ernest Cook Trust.

Le taic bhon Chrannchur Na`iseanta tro Ionmhas Brosnachaidh Comhairle Ealain na h-Alba le taic a bharrachd bho Bo`rd na Ga`idhlig, Dualchas Na`dair na h-Alba, Ionnsachadh is Teagasg na h-Alba agus Urras Ernest Cook.

Exhibition Guide (English)
Exhibition Guide (Gaelic)

Air Lomlaid Webfilm

Talks and Events

Using Art to Inspire: Panel Discussion
A panel discussion on Air Iomlaid and the issues of exhibiting childrens’ artwork in a contemporary gallery context.  Chaired by Felicity Allen, former Head of Learning, Tate Britain with Fiona Bradley, Director of The Fruitmarket Gallery, Johnny Gailey, Children and Young People’s Programme Manager and Julie Brook, lead artist on Air Iomlaid.

Bilingualism and Learning
Si`leas Landgraf (Sabhal Mo`r Ostaig) researcher on Air Iomlaid and Antonella Sorace (Professor of Developmental Linguistics, University of Edinburgh) considered current research into the relationship between children’s artistic, cognitive and linguistic development.

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