Andrew Gannon: Impressions

Andrew Gannon: Impressions 10.12.22–08.01.23

Edinburgh-based artist Andrew Gannon shows a series of new works created from clusters of hollow modular forms cast from his own left arm. Using plaster as if in preparation for a prosthesis, Gannon creates wearable casts that become increasingly unwearable as they are bound together, their functional ungainliness becoming a sculptural elegance. Describing his own prosthesis as ‘near me, but not part of me’, Gannon uses these objects to test out a space between limb and independent sculpture. These object-sculptures challenge the assumption that prostheses should offer functional and cosmetic ‘normality’, allowing us to question some of the oft-repeated discourses that surround disability.

In regular performances throughout the exhibition, Gannon will draw using a limb which incorporates a long bamboo pole and is based on the drawing sticks used by Henri Matisse to loosen up his style for drawing murals. The drawings and limbs will be incorporated into the exhibition as the performances progress.

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