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Jac Leirner

Jac Leirner
1 July– 22 Occtober 2017

Brazilian artist Jac Leirner (born 1961) presents her first solo exhibition in Scotland, combining work from major collections with new work made especially for Edinburgh audiences. Leirner’s work uses everyday materials over and over again, combining them into astonishingly beautiful sculptures that reveal the material poetry of the mundane.

Leirner’s work juggles obsession and addiction, ordering and reordering objects from rulers and spirit levels to cigarette papers and Sudoku. Highlights of this exhibition include Little Light, a work made from a lightbulb and several miles of copper wire; Skin (Randy King Size Wired), an ethereal grid made from hundreds of cigarette papers, and The End, an installation that strings on wires all the ends of all the joints the artist has ever smoked. Leirner is also making a new iteration of 120 Cords, a work made from as many one metre lengths of different colour and type of rope that she can find at the time and place of making the work. These works are joined by a selection of luminously beautiful watercolours,  small works in which the artist layers a limited selection of colours over and over eachother with the same additive aesthetic which informs her three-dimensional work.